The story of #newvolume and #envy

New Volume create alternative rock music that can make you think or make you move.

The South Africa-born and London-based trio—Tyron Layley [lead vocals, guitar], Ryan Morris [lead guitar/vocals], and Adam Jenkins [drums]—find soul within electronic-tinged soundscapes on their full-length debut album, Envy [Sumerian Records]. In fact, the robust and rich nature of the sound belies the fact there’s only three band members.

High school friends, the boys traded South Africa for London together, setting their sights on realizing a lifelong collective musical dream. In 2013, they formed New Volume equally indebted to soul and blues as eighties Depeche Mode. Independently, they toured throughout the UK and Europe with the likes of Anberlin and Young Guns even achieving #1 radio success in countries such as Poland. Sumerian Records stumbled upon their music online in 2014, inking a deal with the group shortly thereafter. The process of recording and producing Envy would tap into a singular mystique.

“We like to do everything ourselves,” Tyron continues. “We’ve always had a very specific vision in mind.”

That comes to life on the 2016 single “Back to Blood.” Building from a delicate hum, the song eventually spirals into an infectious and impassioned chorus. “It’s a two-part story of a family feud I had,” admits Tyron. “The first part paints a picture of my sister and I going through some issues, and the second part is an angry version of that feud happening.”

We’re a three-piece, but we decided we weren’t going to be bound by that. Playing around with a Moog and synths inspired us to break free from the bass, drums, and guitar approach. It was the benchmark for where we wanted the sound and band to go.

That song kicked off the entire record. Lyrically, we tried to explore things like sex and love from an adult perspective. It’s a mature look at things everyone deals with and goes through.

Meanwhile, the album opener “One Touch” illuminates a striking balance between seductive melodies and delightfully uneasy sonic tension.

“You’ve got to see a show”, Tyron continues. “That’s where the music and the aesthetic come together. We hope you feel what we felt while making this.”

New Volume must be seen as well as heard though. It’s their live show that amplifies the entire experience.

It’s a new chapter for alternative music.


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